Introducing the new look has been through a large number of incarnations since 2005, when it was set up by a group of university friends to point people to the most attractive bonus promotions and free bet offers across all gambling verticals, e.g. sports books, casinos, poker rooms and bingo. In doing so, and by in return earning small amounts of commission, it kept us well-stocked in beer. We are confident that those who took advantage of the promotions did even better (champagne perhaps...)! The gambling landscape, however, has changed almost beyond recognition since 2005. Many online properties have come and gone (some overnight!) and in general many of the attractive promotions that these properties once offered no longer exist. Not to mention, those university  students are not university students any more! One thing we do all still enjoy though is sports betting, so it was decided over several beers (are you starting to detect a theme?) to refocus solely towards online bookmakers and the various promotions they offer. We aim to highlight the free bet offers and other promotions we participate in, as well as highlighting where we like to bet and perhaps even some of the bets we place. also continues to explore the topic of Matched Betting for those with a specific interest, and, perhaps like us once, the need to fund a few drinks.

We warmly welcome new (and especially previous) visitors to the new look site.