Matched Betting Spreadsheet

If you're thinking of matched betting, the first thing that you're going to need is a spreadsheet to keep track of all your matched bets. You'll also need a matched betting calculator to calculate exactly how much you should be backing and laying to maximise your overall profit, irrespective of the outcome of a specific event.

Thankfully, because we're so nice, we've created just what you need. We recommend you use our matched betting spreadsheet which can be downloaded in excel format by entering your email address below and joining our mailing list. You'll be asked to confirm you're not a robot, but that's about the extent of our door policy (sorry robots). This will allow us to keep you informed of the latest free bets and other promotions to which you can apply similar techniques, but don't worry - you can unsubscribe at any time if you decide we're too much. We won't take it personally, honest. Just don't expect a christmas card.

The spreadsheet is split into 3 main parts.

Part 1 - Matched Betting Spreadsheet

Use this part to  keep a record of your matched betting, including the event, outcome, how much you have won/lost, whether you are yet to withdraw your money and any other notes of importance.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.26.40.png

Part 2 - Matched Betting Calculator

The primary matched betting calculator will tell you how much you need to back at the bookmaker and lay at the betting exchange. It also allows you to adjust for whether a free bet stake is returned or not and works with traditional free bets and also percentage deposit bonuses. Recently, we've also added a couple of additional calculators, allowing you use the technique on promotions which offer refunds of losing bets, both if your bet loses, or if some other secondary event happens. These, particularly the latter, are harder difficult to generate risk-free profits from; best achieved with a combination of high odds on the qualifying bet and low odds (high likelihood) on the refund event. You might want to save these for what they are; a bit of additional fun from the bookmaker.

Part 3 - Bookmaker Details

The final part of the matched betting spreadsheet provides a list of the online bookmakers offering free bets that we recommend you begin with when first starting matched betting. This includes our preferred bookmaker, Ladbrokes. We try to update this as much as possible, but do check around the site for details of any bookmakers that have failed to make it onto the spreadsheet. We are human after all.